Upcoming Webinar Explores the Intersection of AI and Health 

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Hamilton, New Zealand – Leading experts in artificial intelligence (AI) and healthcare will come together for an upcoming webinar to discuss the intersection of these two fields. The event, titled “AI and Health: What does Chat GPT for me?” will take place on Wednesday May 3rd at 12:30pm and is open to anyone interested in the latest developments in AI and healthcare. 

The webinar will feature a panel of experts who will discuss the possible implications of AI on the healthcare and wider social care industries, including the potential for AI to improve patient outcomes and the challenges that must be overcome to fully realize the potential of this technology. The panel will also discuss the ethical considerations that come with the use of AI in healthcare, such as data privacy, accuracy and reliability, legal and ethical considerations. 

“With AI in the headlines every day, we are thrilled to bring together such a distinguished group of experts to discuss the important topic of AI and health,” said Nick Kemp, CEO of Wild Bamboo, one of the organiser of the webinar. “As AI continues to evolve, it has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach care for our communities. This webinar is an opportunity to explore the opportunities and challenges that come with this exciting technology.” 

The panelists for the webinar include; Dr Chris Paton Senior Lecutrer in Digital Health from the University of Otago, Nick Kemp CEO of social care client management software and data analytics company Wild Bamboo, Prof Albert Bifet Director of AI Institute at the University of Waikato and Co-chair of the Artificial Intelligence Researchers Association (AIRA) and Dr Tania Moerenhout Lecturer at the Bioethics Centre, University of Otago. All of whom bring interesting insights into the implications and opportunities for AI in this space.  The panel will be moderated by Rebecca McBeth, editor of HiNZ eHealthnews magazine.   

The webinar is open to anyone interested in the topic of AI and healthcare, including healthcare professionals, researchers, policymakers, and members of the public. The event is free to attend, but registration is required.  

To register, please visit – https://webcast.hinz.nz/Mediasite/Login/Register?ReturnUrl=%2FMediasite%2FShowcase%2Fehn_live2020 

About Wild Bamboo 

Wild Bamboo is a specialist charitable organisation with a passion for technology that makes a difference for people, now and in the future.  We understand that our customers work with people centered health data and that it is more than just data, it is people’s lives.   We believe in the power of data to create positive change. We do this with Recordbase our client management system and with Tūtohi our specialist data services team. More info – www.wildbamboo.co.nz 

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